Thursday, January 17, 2019

Aham Brahmasmi

We are a small team of professionals who are committed to sharing all sorts of information through this online platform. Blog Aham Brahmasmi is not just a blog; it is an online community that has been created to offer varieties of information on lots of topics such as health and energy healing, lifestyle, photography, inspiration, travel and food.

Established by Ar. Hirak Jakhotiya and Pradeep Kumar Yadav, Blog Aham Brahmasmi is dedicated to sharing ideas every day and keeping everyone informed on different realities of life. It is our belief that learning is a continuous process which we feel is best possible by two way process of sharing, so we are using this platform to share & gain the knowledge with people on many topics.

Ar. Hirak Jakhotiya, is an expert and has ten years’ experience as in Principal Architect & Designer, and also having knowledge & experience of different kinds of healing modalities. He is equally focused on sharing the most resourceful information with all and sundry. Hirak is passionate, versatile and experienced, and has all it takes to provide the highest quality of information on his area of expertise. He is a partner to Pradeep in an architectural & designing firm called Sthapati Projects and a lifestyle products designing company named Ether Creations LLP

Pradeep Kumar Yadav, one of our founders, has eight years’ experience as a Psychologist and a MBA graduate from UK, HR Professional and Principal Designer. Also he is here to offer you resources from his wealth of experience. A holder of many academic qualifications and certifications, Pradeep is deeply committed to contributing immensely to the growth of this online community and giving everyone a platform to learn.

At Blog Aham Brahmasmi, there are other contributors who have been brought together from all walks of life to contribute and share various ideas. With this team of experienced and creative minds, achieving the goals of this blog in disseminating premium information to everyone is achievable.

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