“If it came from a plant , eat it ; if it was made in a plant, do not”….. Michael Pollan

Punjab, an Indian state derives its name from multiple rivers flowing through its fertile land, which is just another example of how nature affects not just our lives but thought process too. In the heart of Punjab lies “Ludhiana” a city famous for its mechanical plants and much talked entrepreneurship, and is also considered as “SME  capital of India”, so it comes across as a beautiful  surprise when you hear someone discussing and actually promoting organic farming in the city.

Mrs. Samar pal & Dr. Jagmohan are a dedicated couple though in their sixties but professionally very agile souls who are determined to add new hues to the farming.

A brief discussion with them suddenly prompts you to know more, understand agriculture, their struggle of “quinoa” farming and  its promotion. They brought Quinoa seeds from abroad, sowed in farms spread in an area of 30 acres. Initial years of production was tepid and harvesting a challenge, with some struggle , innovation and sheer hard work such issues have been successfully tackled. A sterner challenge is to promote a grain which tastes bitter but is packed with great health benefits.

The UN named 2013 “International  Quinoa year”, to acknowledge and promote Quinoa as high nutrition tool. A few benefits of Quinoa as a total choice are:-

  1. It is least allergic of all the grains.
  2. It has all nine essential amino acids, making it complete protein source.
  3. It also contributes useful levels of vitamins, fibre and minerals.
  4. It has low GI index, and keep are full for long hours.

Source :-BBC

Demand for Quinoa has spiked across the globe but in india , it is still in  very nascent stage.

Mrs. Samar pal happily displays delicious cookies , chocolates, energy bar etc. Despite numerous challenges and absence of proper  marketing channel, demand for Quinoa is picking up slowly. moreover , dr. Jagmohan and Mrs. Samarpal not only grows vegetables, turmeric, garlic etc.. Any nature lover easily gets immersed in their talks and lessons one learns through through their farming practices is truly enriching. They invite everyone to their green farms and it is worth accepting , a visit just to be in touch with a world which also sharply offers you new insights of farming life. Do visit if you are around Ludhiana. And try their nutritional delicacies.