“spirituality” as a word or feeling has many interpretations & associations, mostly relate It with religion or some religious activity, others define it as an enlightenment that sets one free – but are we caged(?) & do these two broad definition or relation truly justify interpretation or meaning of spirituality.

To begin with, we must understand spirituality is not a mean to attain “super power” or any sort of knowledge that makes us so powerful that we feel different, mostly a figure in bright shining robes with clean and peaceful settings, detailed in such a way that to onlookers (so called caged souls) it appears that we are emitting divine light.  Recent development & research in technology has shaken not only the brick & mortar built industrial houses, but the world (trade) of spiritually as well, name any faith messengers and they are just a click or phone away, with connectivity spiritual empires have also leapfrogged many times, and of course this has boosted the number of followers as well. But the basic question remains unanswered – are the followers attaining something which is spiritual in nature or the messengers with unhindered access to the God propagating anything remotely linked to spirituality. You and me should not ponder over it, everyone knows the answer; it is just another poorly maintained secret.

Finding the problems and loopholes is easy, one can berate even best of the footballer without ever kicking a ball, but can he help improve the game or its nature?

Spirituality is basically the realization of the energy called as the God.  It is the realization that the energy, that power is within us and within every living entity. If we try to sum up then worshiping or following the God force is nothing but following or making Humanity as our basic religion.

The God has not sent any chosen one as his messenger to this world, he has sent you and me as special one with distinguished qualities as his messenger to beautify this world. This world which most of us equate with the hell and seek an escape route to meet the lord but this world in itself is very special, as it has you and me as its’ inhabitants, who are sent by the God himself to accomplish something unique, live a life which no other can live.

The path to spirituality or attainment of it is completely individual experience and can be realized by self, not by any guided efforts , as it becomes defining part of our behavior or nature. The sorrow part of modern day life is wide and effortless access to the world but no access to self, we are doing everything to please someone else or for “likes” but does that matter? The moment we become comfortable with ourselves, we accept ourselves and do most of the things which are in harmony with the nature or our eco-system and when we are harmless for anyone, most likely we are on the path of true spirituality and the path of self realization…..


  1. Keep writing guys. Since long I have been waiting to read something interesting but seems you guys have got busy in day-day life. Dev & Hirak write more.

  2. In the current scenario we hardly get to see the true side of spirituality especially in country like india where so many are kept themselves hidden behind the mask of being spiritual guru. Thank god that I do not follow any such indian guru though I wonder who has influenced pradeep to write such words on love, seems he has a deep side towards love and have experienced it thoroughly. Pradeep accept my FB request.