When we talk about energy blocks we refer to those feelings in your past and your present that are corrupting the natural flow of your body. We have 7 chakras inside of us, and all of those energy pools are flowing matter to each other.

If something is off-balance in our lives, our belief system, our mindset or our emotions, it reflects on our spirit: it creates an energy blockade, and energy blockade often have physical manifestation in our bodies: for example, the third chakra, the Solar Plexus, is our emotional center, and when we have a toxic relationship we will probably suffer illness like high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Negative experiences throughout our lives leave emotional marks that we need to resolve. Otherwise, such scars will stay buried deep inside, messing with our inner equilibrium and our spirit.

An energy blockage makes it hard for us to grow as a person as there is something amiss in the delicate and complex connection between our body, mind, and soul. And as experiences cannot be transferred from one mind to another, some people often take time to realize what’s holding their evolution:

  1. Outdated belief system

You’ve probably developed a strong foundation of beliefs, values, and judgments over the years. What you don’t realize is that these principles are a box and you are stocked inside it: 90% of what we believe in comes from our childhood, and our beliefs transform into emotions, emotions into thoughts, and thoughts into actions.

What we bring from our childhood we learn from our caregivers, past experiences, and the educational, cultural and religious system we were submitted to. Many years later, such system is probably outdated.

You may have even decided you’re a failure because that’s what your father used to tell you; or that you’re not good enough to be loved because your mother abandoned you. It doesn’t matter anymore: no feeling is forever and human beings change continuously.

In fact, when we reach the mid-20s the cells in our body are completely different than the cells we had when we were born, and our genetic code suffers millions of mutations every year. Just like our body works to evolve, our mind and spirit can also grow.

You inherit what you believe unconsciously, and now you have to make a conscious effort to understand your values and principles. It will free you from limitations and fear.

Ask yourself every day: “Where did this belief come from?” “Why do I act this way?” “Why did I make that judgment?” “Why did that made me feel angry?” Write it in a notebook every night be ready to abandon all of those postures you feel aren’t good for you anymore.

  1. The pain of past traumas


Imagine your inner energy is a river falling from pond to pond, and past traumas are murky water full of dirt and stones. The murky water starts to accumulate where the river falls, and little by little it blocks the exit.

As one of the ponds has no exit to reach the other one, the other ponds are left with water that is not cleansing itself, while the mud and the stones are corrupting all of the space around it.

We only need to clean it up by truly releasing the pain: in order to have a fulfilling life with healthy relationships, we have to experience our feelings before letting them go.  The “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” is just a denial strategy that goes sideways in the long run.

Accept your responsibility in each one of your past traumas and failures, recognize how they made you feel and why, and let go of the feeling forever. From now on, they will only be an experience for you to grow.

  1. Negativity

Physics tell us that energy is the main force of the universe, and our bodies are made of the same kind of matter as any cosmic body floating in space.

From our root chakra at the base of our spines to the crown chakra at the top of our heads, there’s a complex system that receives energy from the universe’s unified field, circulates it throughout our body, and sends it back.

The most common energetic block is simply a negative attitude. Emotional upset and negative experiences accumulate negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger, and fear, and they often impair our energy system.

We need to process these experiences and release them in a proper way. It doesn’t mean we should just move on of hurtful things, it means we should learn to act from a place of love rather than a place of fear, and see struggles as challenges we can use to strengthen our energy.

Bottom line, suppressing emotions and living in denial is only bad for us. Be responsible and ask for help if you need it, either from a physiologist or from an energy healer. Remember that if your energy pathway you may suffer all kinds of diseases.