What is meditation? 

The question which is often being asked by many of us! A simple task that has been made difficult by our mind or a difficult task where one has to control; the monkey mind & make it thoughtless?  Still the question ‘What Is Meditation? remain as it is!

For me, it a process which start when one wins over one’s mind and control over the senses of the chaotic mind & becomes thoughtless. Once we are able to control the pollution of unwanted thought, we can see the beauty of calmness as similar to the shooting effects of moonlight.

Many times we cannot see the beauty of the stars for that one has to travel outside the city on the hills where there is no pollution, in the similar way to see the beauty of the universe – one has to first see within self and when the inner chaos is won we becomes able to see the universe.

The dark fearful vastness of the inside becomes beautiful & calm.  Where one can meet the creator or in other words one can meet itself.

Today’s Moon is not pink in colour rather it is due to the flowering which take place round this season in the nature. It will heightened one’s energy resulting in heightened self-awareness.  By welcoming things with positive attitude, positive things will follow. Don’t ignore your gut feeling, today moon will strengthen your intuition power, open up yourself, re-centre & re-discover yourself & to do this one has to only create an intention rest the universe will take care of it.

And since, Meditation is not an end result rather it’s a process to achieve the end result so on the occasion of this ‘Pink Moon’ I am describing few simple guide lines or method one can follow & do the meditation.

Full moon is associated with letting go what is not required which is not serving any purpose for the higher good of soul journey so in a way it is a beginning of new. Because till the old doesn’t leave, new cannot take the place in our life.

To embrace the new beginning just sit calmly in open space, if available then well & good otherwise sit in your comfortable sacred place. If you wish to create a ceremony do it because life is all about celebration, please celebrate it without any guilt or holding anything back. Light a candle or an essence stick keep some flowers or calming music if it helps you.

Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana or if that is also not possible sit in the comfortable chair or simply lay down.  Meditation is so simple why do we need to follow the created fuzz about it?

Now relax your each & every part of your body, each & every joint.  Let go all the stress you were holding till today, let go all the grudges & anger from your mind, body & soul. Imagine all this is moving out of your body & going to the universe.

Now breath slowely & deeply. If any relative thought comes let them come, just acknowledge their presence & don’t react. Imagine the beautiful moon is just above your head, the divine light of the moon is entering in your body from your top of the head or from The Sastrar Chakra, going through each & every body part of yours; joints, skin everywhere in your body & deep inside your soul. Let it drench in the divine calmness, enjoy the calmness. Imagine that the light is filled in your complete body & feel it. Stay in that feeling as long as possible. Don’t react just breath simply. When you feel like coming out of the meditation, rub your palms on each other & slowly touch yourself with utmost love from head to toe..

Pay your gratitude to the Moon, the Universe & everything which is bad or good in your life because everything has a purpose just like todays FULL MOON..

Lokah Samatha Sukhino Bhavantu..






  1. Very Nice meditation process you have mentioned AR Hirak but here I would divert you from your writ-up & request you to write on indian architecture.