The Root Chakra

The process of Root Chakra healing produces proper flow of energy in our entire body. This also provides a clear base to the chakra system so that other chakras get connected to the base, the first chakra & can perform their function. When there is blockage of first chakra in your body it may lead to problems in your behaviour such as loosing temper or being aggressive.  If you are able to heal your root chakra you will get the power to face the challenges in your life. Here we will talk about the role of root chakra & how to clear it’s blocked energy levels which will help you to overcoming from your traumas, fear & insecurities of any kinds.

By our ancient sages, The Root Chakra has been considered the foundation of the of the basic seven chakras which work to support the entire energy centers residing above it and The Root Chakra is the only centre which form the bridge between your physical body and the spiritual body and the connecting point of these two body has been called as the Brahma Granthi. Also The Root chakra is known for its feminine energy due to this Indian sages has termed it as Muladhara chakra. Muladhara chakra forms the base of Kundalini. This chakra is the first of the total of basic seven chakras and is located at the base of your spinal cord.

It mainly controls the functioning of the lower part of the body that includes kidneys, lower spine, bladder and back. It also helps to promote positive thinking in your mind and helps you to gain confidence. The root chakra is mainly associated with red colour. According to some energy healers, the root chakra may also be linked to brown, grey and black colours.

  • Requirement of healing the root chakra

It is very important to heal the root chakra as it makes you feel secure & confident so you feel may much easier to face the world & it’s challenges. However, if a proper balance of root chakra is not maintained then it can lead to many problems like constipation, fatigue and pain at the back. It may even lead to certain psychological and physical issues such as not feeling secured, getting aggressive, sexual dysfunction or the erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation (be it male or female), being restless and irregularity in eating.

Some common symptoms that are taken care by root chakra

  • Facing regular challenges in order to meet your basic needs

This focuses on facing challenges in meeting the basic requirements of life such as earning enough money to get food or have stability in housing or career. If you struggle on regular basis to get these basic things then your root chakra needs an attention and is more likely to benefit from the process of it’s healing. Root chakra healing is a magnificent process that helps to stay away from conditions that are caused by feelings of shortage or scarcity.

  • Feelings of insecurity

As a matter of fact, if there is absence of proper balance or the blockage in your first chakra you will not feel safe in this world or with the people around you. This feeling of insecurity can be due to regular botheration about health, finance and where your life or this world is going. You may even feel concerned about every little thing around you.

As far as your first chakra is concerned, it is based on your thinking which leads to feeling of insecurity. However, root chakra healing helps you to overcome these insecurities by providing you positive energy and also giving you a strong base.

  • Your main factor of motivation is fear

If you are suffering from fear than root chakra healing and removing the blockages of this  chakra can be of great help to you. This is because root chakra healing focuses in providing you a more balanced approach as far as your ability to make decisions in life is concerned. This also implies that your decision – making does not depend on whether you should quit or face any given challenge.

Different ways of healing your root chakra

There are many ways by which you can take care of the blockage or imbalance in the root chakra. You can use different yoga poses or various energy healing methods depending on the degree of blockage of your root chakra you may have. This may include aroma-therapy, certain kinds of food, reiki, sound therapy or acupuncture.


Aromatherapy is very useful in the balancing of first chakra. You can use flowering and many other types of scented oils such as sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rosemary etc.

Healing foods

You can add foods that contain natural red colours, root vegetables and protein of animals in your diet which include soy, eggs, beans, beet roots or meat.

Healing stones

You can also use chakra crystals and healing stones for cleaning your chakras. Healing stones have vibration frequencies that help to balance your root chakras if there is too much or too less production of energy which leads to blockage. You can use precious stones such as red jasper, red carnelian, garnet and bloodstone to heal the root chakra.

Out of many these are some of the easiest ways by which you can clear energy blocks. This would help you to overcome problems of fear, trauma and insecurity. It is very important to have proper balance of chakras as they regulate both are physical and mental health.






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