French Colonial style

The French Colonial style is a style of the architecture that was present during the French colonization. A lot of the French colonies in Southeast Asia were promoting the French architecture and were the main attraction for the tourists. But the architecture today has maintained the French Colonial style and we can see a lot of houses in USA, Canada, Africa and other parts of the world, designed that way.

How was the design of the first generation of houses in French Colonial style?

  • Initially settled in Louisiana, the French Colonial style was quite developed within time. The houses designed and built in the style were paying more attention on the functionality of the design and the house. The houses were designed for protection of every type of weather conditions.
  • At the beginning the houses were built with a timber frame that was placed on the ground while the roof was of tile, slate or stone and was steep.
  • The design of the room was in a way so it would be 1 room deep and 2 rooms wide.

The outdoor design of a French colonial style house

  • The style has evolved and developed very fast. From the primitive structures and constructions of the buildings, it became more adapted and persistent.
  • Since the first colonists realized that the primitive style was not adequate they have adapted it in various ways.
  • In order to protect the houses from rain or heat they made porches that are designed in the way wrap-around and raised the floors of the house 1 level up, they made basements.
  • They also have created roof that was enabling the air to exit through the roof and the cool air to enter.

The French Colonial style in USA

  • It has been one of the domestic architectural styles in USA in the time of the colonial period. Among the other architectural styles were the Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial and Colonial Georgian.
  • In French Louisiana and Illinois Country the development of the French Colonial was at its highest peak. Since then its influence on the other parts of USA has significantly increased.
  • In the end of the 17th century and the beginning of 18th century the French Colonial style was evolved and included few styles of buildings, like French Creole plantation house, Creole cottage and Creole townhouse.

The French Colonial style in Canada

  • Most of the buildings constructed in this style during the French colonization of Canada included mixture of small stones, mixture of moss, mud or animal hair and bricks in order to build the buildings. There were a lot of method used in the construction, but most of the buildings had raised basement.
  • The stairs in the exterior were a recognisable element of the style, also the veranda of full length, which was part of the roof, the roofs were hipped or a side-gabled.

What are the characteristics of the French Colonial style?                                     

The symmetry

  • This is the main and most recognizable characteristic of the French Colonial style where the buildings are square and symmetrical. The front door is followed by 2 windows at each side and is located in the center of the front wall.
  • The rooms in the interior have a lot of space where the main attention was given to the parlor where the families could enjoy and entertain.
  • A lot of the homes designed in this style have fireplace designed in stone or in brick.
  • The overall construction of the houses was made of wood since the wood was widely available that time.                                                                                                   The interior is perfectly complemented
  • Every tiny detail is carefully planned and placed. The second floor of the house would normally contain tall windows and some recognizable decorations in the corners.
  • Since the predominance of the South, the houses also had raised basements, porches that were known as galleries, chimney made of bricks, iron balconies and porch on the second floor as well.

  • Creole homes
  • This is a mixture of the French and the Caribbean homes on the Gulf Coast. The elements were mainly Creole cottages, plantations and townhouses.
  • The cottages and the townhouses are built to the front line and don’t have hallways.
  • The interior was more in ornamental style, but most of the houses were rustic, like farmhouses.

The revival of the French Colonial style

  • It is true that is hard to revive the French Colonial style today and the houses are very rare, but the characteristics and its meaning is still present in every architectural design.
  • So, whenever you see a beautiful house designed in that way the only thing you can do is admire to it.

What the furniture of the French colonial style consists of?

  • If you ever decide to design your house in French colonial style then you need to take into consideration the furniture and the interior of the house. Since we know the symmetry and the complementation of the furniture, we can say that the furniture needs to be large and movable, like the tables and the chairs that make the interior appropriate place for working and living.
  • Since the furniture needs to be movable, the Latin word for this is ‘mobile’ and involved such activities like sleeping in bed, sitting in bed, holding objects at some reasonable height above the surface or storing things.
  • There are also small fittings or accessories that help to use the equipment.
  • Some paintings on the wall, art-craft or other things like vases, portraits, etc.
  • The bedding can be of chateau ivory, chateau white, there might be some mirrored and antique mirrored drawers at the side, Belgravia or vintage leather, silver embossed, French white, clearance and a lot more varieties.
  • The interior will look fabulous and amazing; you will never want to leave the house.
  • Here a lot of specification is given on the dining set. The table and the chairs need to be in accordance with the interior, and most of the designs of the French colonial style include wooden tables.

Whether it is leather or vintage you will enjoy in the interior design of your home.

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