मेरा मोहन हलाहल पिए, और शम्भू रास रचे,

राधा हिमगिरि पे तप करे और काली शेष पे शैय्या रचे,

लक्ष्मी पार्वती संग चौंसठ खेले, राम मदन संग क्रिडा करे।।।

क्या द्वैत क्या अद्वैत क्या शेष क्या विशेष,

क्या मिथ्या क्या तथ्य, क्या मैं समझू क्या समझाऊँ,

किस रंग मैं रंगु किस की धूनी रमाऊ???

चलो बंधनो के पार देखे, वस्त्र, श्रूँगार, लिंग और आकर के परे देखे,

द्वैत और अद्वैत के कोलाहल से दूर ज़रा मन में झाँके,

जहाँ सिर्फ़ आज अंधकार है अवकाश है,

पर वह ओंकार है, हर श्वास और उछश्वास के भीतर विश्व सृजन की जानकार है।।।

फिर क्या तू क्या मैं, फिर क्या अल्लाह और ईसा क्या,

क्या शैव और वैष्णव क्या, फिर तो बस ही मैं हि मैं, तुम ही तुम,

चलो आओ परम आत्मा संग रास रचे।।।

We have been giving a shape, size, gender & colour to the supreme consciousness for our ease so we can imagine the entity called as GOD.

Vedanta speaks about non-dualism; it shows the path from dualistic worldly affairs to non-dualistic affairs in unison with the almighty or consciousness. Also the mahavakyas’ speak about the non-dualistic nature & non-difference between the universe & soul.

In these procedure/path of faith, we are stuck with the definition of our gods. We have spared not the gods and nor the goddess too in judging and characterising them. While seeking the pure consciousness which dwells in the non-dualistic form but we have defined the gods in the process, thus framing them in our own limitations of gender & roles.

We don’t know how to see Ram dancing with Gopis or we can’t see Christ in the form of Allah or Zoharashtra on the Shesh-shaiya (Bed of Vishnu on 7 headed serpent). It’s very challenging for us to see Kali performing role of Radha & Radha, the embodiment of pure love & devotion dancing in the furious nature of Kali

We are stuck to the definition so much if there is anything in mythology which is challenging to our current condition or thought process we are not ready to accept it.

Like the romance between the Shiv & the avatar of Vishnu which is Mohini and we prefer not to talk about it at all or the carvings of Khajuraho, which are the sexual iconography, we tends to avoid the topic and run away from it without considering the facts that there is a  beauty in the love making and when its pure & lust free it opens the channels of energy & can give a boost to open up the Kunadalini which has been supported and documented in our ancient scriptures, also the new age science stand in unison. However, we are simply programmed by our belief system that forces us to close our eyes & simply turn our backs.

How one can swim in the ocean without getting wet? How one can travel quicker & faster with loads of baggage’s? The same very old principle needs to be apply here which stats that in the search of god one has to drop their ego, pride, all sorts of definitions’ & prejudices. One has to be bare & open minded to accept & embrace whatever comes on the path.

Once it is done then the discovery of the energy called GOD is not too far.

It’s just our journey from over consciousness to sub-consciousness, from defining to unedifying everything, from objectifying to subjectifying & from the outer word to our inner world.

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu !!! 💫




  1. The acceptance or even cognizance of one God is very prescriptive. Our acceptance of God is based on myths but we need to accept God in conscience.

  2. Duality is within us which we fails to accept and keep on arguing on The Name Of The GOD. When one understands and accept it then he/she doesn’t need to bind God in one particular form. The sooner we accept “The Christ can also kill Kamsha Aur The Krishna also can sacrifice his life for the mankind then the war for religion or the religious architect would stop at that moment.

    Pradeep, your knowledge is seamlessly amazing. Just a suggestion, why do not you write on the Design and Architect Value of one’s religion? Like How is the religion originated or it was who construct the foundation of the religion along with the ancient design of the architecture of India? And Hirak, I see you are an architect so why do not write something on architecture and designing, I am sure you must have got brilliant Morden Ideas connecting them to the traditional ancient architecture


    • Hi Peter, I am being overwhelmed by reading your such an amazing comment and advise. I am sure you have such tremendous knowledge on scripture of ancient India which we Indians are loosing with every passing day. Good to know that they are still being read by Earthien so the knowledge would be carry forward for coming generation.

      Surely, we will take your advise in consideration and soon will produce an article on the said subject.

      Thanks, have a happy easter!