March 20th marks the vernal equinox and the first day of the spring season. Snow begins to melt, flowers begin to blossom, and nature enters a new cycle of rejuvenation, balance, and rebirth.

As the snow melts from the ground and green leaves start to show their face from the soil, it’s time to balance your spiritual self. It’s time to clean your inner chakras so nothing can blocks the natural flow of your inner energy.

The seven chakras

The seven chakras are associated with your body’s organs, glands, and extremities, so when the energy is not flowing properly within a chakra you will feel pain or suffer illness in that part of your body or the emotions attached with that chakra.

Chakras connect you to the universe and govern all areas of your life: stress, career, self-esteem, relationships, love, health, spiritual progress, etc. When they are in balance – the flows of energy in you are in balance as well.

  1. The Root Chakra

Your first chakra is red and it’s located at the base of your spine (the perineum). It’s linked with your legs, bones, feet, intestine, and adrenal glands.

The Root grounds you to the Earth, so you can walk barefoot on the beach to reconnect with the Mother Earth. It’s concerned with physical survival and earthy grounding, and blockages connected with rooth chakra may manifest as fear, paranoia, procrastination, and defensiveness.

  1. The Sacral or Navel Chakra

Your second chakra is orange and you can find it between your navel and the base of your spine. It’s connected to your lower abdomen, bladder, kidneys, circulatory system, and your reproductive organ. Water is cleansing for this chakra.

The Sacral governs how you experience pleasure, sexuality, creation, and procreation and it’s concerned with emotion, and associted blockages can manifest as emotional problems like sexual guilt and compulsive or obsessive behaviour.

  1. The Solar Plexus

The third chakra is yellow and it’s in the solar plexus area. It’s our emotional center and it leads our self-esteem, feelings of power, joy, anger, and laughter. It’s also linked with your digestive system, muscles, adrenals, and pancreas. Physical movement recharges this chakra.

Your ambition, sensitivity, and ability to achieve your goals live in the Solar Plexus. The blockage in solar plexus may manifest as frustration, lack of direction, no sense of purpose, victimization, and anger.

  1. The Heart

The fourth chakra is green and it’s located in your heart. It’s the center of compassion, love, harmony, and peace. Asian culture believes it as a house of our soul. The chakra is associated with your lungs, thymus gland, and heart. Loving a pet who loves you unconditionally is a great way to recharge the heart chakra and become open to trust and love again.

When we fall in love we do it through the Heart, and then that feeling moves to the emotional center and to the Navel were the sexuality and attraction are stored. Blockages in this chakra may show as problems in the immune system, lungs, heart; or they can manifest as lack of compassion and empathy or unprincipled behaviour.

  1. The Throat

The fifth one is turquoise and it’s in your throat. It’s the chakra of communication, self-expression, judgment, and creativity. It’s also associated with your neck, shoulders, hands, arms, and parathyroid and thyroid glands.

Because it’s concerned with inner and outer hearing, the synthesis of ideas, transformation, purification, and healing, dishonesty and general problems of communication can really be relate to this chakra. On the contrary, journaling with honesty is the way to clean and clear this chakra.

  1. The Third Eye

The sixth chakra (indigo colour) is the “third eye.” It’s where your clarity vision and higher intellect resides, and it questions the spiritual nature of life. Daily meditation helps awaken the chakra and increases your inner wisdom and intuition.

The Third Eye is the Chakra of knowing and perception, and it’s concerned with inner vision, wisdom, and intuition. A blockage of third eye may manifest like lack of foresight, selective memory, depression, and mental rigidity. 

  1. The Crown

You can only open the seventh chakra (violet) through meditation. The crown chakra connects you to your spirit, and it associates with the cerebral cortex, the pituitary gland, and the central nervous system. It’s concerned with understanding, acceptance, information, and bliss. A blockage may manifest as physiological problems. 

Get rid of old traumas

It’s never late to know yourself and see which traumas from your childhood are still corrupting your chakras. Clogs and blockages are caused by bad experiences you haven’t let go, and they build up over the years. Activities like meditation, journaling, acceptance, and awareness can clear these negativity fields. 










    • Mr. laharia this blog is absolutely full of information especially the design idea book & I got a very personal advise from pradeep & i am very thankful to him. it was his advise & technique by which i am completely have come out of the depression & my sex life is rocking again.

  1. Very interesting information on chakras, seems my chakras are very much imbalanced that is the reason I am going to several issues. Please advise how this chakra alignment can be done.