Remodelling the home is not any simple task and if you think to re-design your home then you surely are in a dire need to find the right architect or a designer for your home who can provide you with the best services. Especially designing the home in Victorian style might be very time consuming and costly affairs, because you will have to change everything in your home to add historical scent in it.

And decorating your home in any of the styles requires craftsman qualities that are little difficult to find. Especially when you are attacted and fasinated towards Turkish arts and have a desire to decorate the home in Victorian style by fusing the Turkish Arts. Providing Turkish elements, furniture, carpets, decorations and much more will be expensive. And not everyone has the possibility to decorate the home in such style.

So Are you one of those people who like modern luxurious home with a mix of Victorian Styles and Turkish Arts – And wondering what to do to convert your current home into desirable one by remodelling the old furniture then below are the few recommendations!

How can the Victorian style be achieved?                  

  • It is all about the mixing of the Victorian and the Modern style
  • This means that those people, who own a home in a Victorian style, want some scent of modernisation.
  • Creating the style can be achieved if both: the modern and the Victorian are meshed. It will look like some mixture of modern furniture and cast-offs.
  • You can pair modern chairs with ancient wooden table to get the desirable look you wanted.
  • You can also reupholster the sofa with modern fabric or a fabric in Victorian style, like tapestry, damask or even floral.
  • Remodeling the old chair set can be done with redesigning the cushions with some graphical print on them.

Adding furniture with carved wood

  • Adding this type of furniture in your home, made of walnut, mahogany or oak, will give your home the desired Victorian look. The Victorians loved the furniture carved from wood, choose few pieces of the same would be a perfect fit in your house.

Adding craftsman character

  • How can you add the craftsman design in your home? You can of-course add the furniture suiting to the Victorian era by just adding a fireplace mantle on it. You can choose to select the furniture which with a morden look while keeping it authentic old-fashioned style at the same time.
  • Adding marble is another option. You can add the marble on the windows, the doors, to some part of the walls or even on some decorations. It will definitely give your house a Victorian scent.

Choose the colour of your rooms

  • No white walls need to be present in your house if you want the Victorian style. The Victorians were the ones who painted the walls in their rooms with different colors. Every room had a specific color, but at the end, everything was complemented. Recognizable colors of the Victorian style are blue, red, green and gold-brown. Choose which color you want your room to be painted.
  • If you plan to have some specific floor, then make sure that the color on the walls suits the floor.
  • If you already have a home in a Victorian style, but you want to put some modern scent in it, then pain it warm white or just plain grey.

The details

  • The details probably are the most important because they give the total look of the interior. Filling everything with the adequate detail will make your house look amazing.
  • You can add oil paintings or rugs in Persian style.

How the Turkish style can inspire you to design your house in that way?

  • Probably you are in love with the Ottoman Empery and you want your house to have some Islamic scent. And to add this you need to find a find the right designer who has been exposed to Turkish culture. Below are the few tips by which can you make the interior of your house to be in a Turkish style!

Full Room

  • The specific thing about the Turkish style is that the room needs to be full. There should not be any empty space in the room and the furniture needs to be complemented adequately.
  • The floors can be decorated with cushions and bags of all sizes and shapes. The carpets on the floors are known as “Oriental carpet” and have been used not only for the floors but also for the tables. The carpet is very important in the Turkish tradition, so you can also use it as a decoration.
  • The wall decorated with bricks will give quite Turkish style to your interior design.
  • The carved furniture made from solid wood also gives the Turkish scent to your home.
  • Do not forget the details. You can have some ceramic dishes put on the walls, or as a decoration.


Deciding on the interior design of your house is quite compelling task. Based on your preferences your home may look like from a fairytale or invoke a sensation of old and historic.


    • Wonderful article expressing design elements and what goes on while we listen, look, think, listen, imagine, think, sketch…like you nargis I too am following this blog seriously.

    • Pradeep, Great articles you have written which establishes all the right ideals for a good architect or designer.

      However…architects & designers are people. I know several, and they range in skill and talent from mediocre and arrogant to truly creative and inspired. Just knowing someone is an architect or designer is not enough, in my opinion.

      I hope every potential client gets the architect described in this article! If nothing else, having a sense of the ideal spelled out here will help those clients spot a less talented one.

      Shankar the ideas given here are way too valuable then the word BEAUTIFUL. Please encourage Pradeep and let us demand from Ar Jakhotiya to start writing on Architecture and Designs.

    • I live in a beautiful, rather costly home on the water. Previous owner put much money into expensive materials into some renovations – and no thought.

      So what happens when someone thinks they can do it all (and didn\’t listen to even the builder)? Marble bathroom (with marble to the ceiling), fancy chandeliers, new fad frameless glass shower with tons of water jets… The shower leaks if several heads are turned on and swamps the floor. Tub curves next to the glass (not coming to a half wall and then curving) so there are nooks where dirt and little things fall that are hard to get at. Furniture vanity cupboards have little practical storage. Bidet and toilet make separate room very awkward. Ok, the chandeliers are kinda cool.

      Just like many other things in the house (copper-hammered vessel sink and faucet with the faucet put on a 3-4 in ledge so water splashes everywhere, etc). Ideas that were very expensive but poorly executed.

      An architect/designer could have prevented these mistakes & I seriously appreciate the ideas shared by the Pradeep. The kind of insight he has got is worth a lot. sure, you have a very long way to go and a future of a trillions.

      A request to Ar Jakhotiya to start writing on architecture & design rather then focusing on meditation or spirituality, put your spiritual side in your relationship. Have great sex with your love as told by OSHO & reach to the enlightenment.

    • What a thoughtful informative design article you have written Pradeep. When an esteemed colleague shares his expertise with the public at large it is a true pleasure. The online world is inundated with misinformation and bad design. Kudos for shedding light on the skills and techniques of a well-seasoned pro architect and/or designer.

  1. Hi Pradeep, very well written design articles. Our architect did all the things described in this article and more. The results are worth every penny, but in fact he saved us a great deal of expense by not wasting square footage overall.

    Great efforts, please keep it up!