My journey into finding myself began with the reading and understanding of the statement “Aham Brahmasmi”.
I came to understand that it is one of the four mahavakya of the Vedic literature. It talks of the fact that knowledge of self-realisation i.e., the realisation from human to a soul, from Atma to Atmanand to paramatma has been there since eternity.
Aham Bramhasmi translates to I am the Bramhan. Here “I am or aham” doesn’t carry any ego. The bramhan does not belong to any caste or creed. It’s about the creator who is eternal, for me it’s an eternal love story of the soul with itself.
The creator is not Shiv or Bramha or Vishnu neither Sati Parvati or Durga nor Allah or Jesus. The creator is formless shapeless omnipresent and omni potent it is Sat Chit Anand meaning The Pure Bliss…
It is an eternal affair of The should with itself knowing its limitless true form, understanding, absorbing and manifesting itself in the form of creator.
It is the journey which starts from one point and in the end it comes to the same point from where it started.
Aham Brahmasmi speaks about finding the God particle or in other terms The Energy in oneself and recognising and resonating with it.
The Mahavakyas are,
1. Prajnanam Bramha – Definition of Bramha and acknowledging it presence, Tatbodha
2. Aham Brahmasmi – Knowing and experiencing it  where the Sakshi bhav comes in to the play.
3. Tat Tvam Asi – You are the Brahman where there is recognition of oneself as a part of the whole
4. Ayam Atma Bramha – It’s the ultimate sakshatkar of the Bramhan which we have been knowing as the Bramha Gyan which nobody can give it to anybody through literal means. It is only be experienced by one.
For me there is one more Mahavakya which is “Khalvidam Bramha”  which means Everything which is inside out which is in existence has existed once upon a time and which will exist in future or in parallel realities of the Universe is Bramhan or the creator.
When we resonate with the same frequency of creator the maya in other words the lock of ignorance gets unlocked.
What we experience is pure bliss. But to resonate one must believe that He is The Bramhan, He is the creator He is the Bliss.
Aham Bramhasmi is all about knowing the real SELF: the self with out any ego; the self without any body, flesh or any religion.  It is beyond the definition or the existence which words can describe.
Many times we see the creator as a different entity  than us. It is like seeing a sugar particle as a different entity than a cube of a sugar. Both have the same sweetness and the same molecular structure. The  difference lies in the size that’s all. When one knows and understands this simple truth, the size doesn’t matter.
We see universe and its vastness differently. But it is in the knowing that we are the part of the vast universe and the vastness lies within us where pure bliss lies. It is about feeling the pure bliss and unending happiness. It is about becoming the Sat Chit Anand. It is about recognising and respecting the immortality of the soul.
Aham Bramhasmi is all about knowing that we are the limitless. We are the creator of the our own reality. It is about seeing the creator in oneself becoming one with it and in others. There is no duality then we all are one. Simply we all are made of the same chemical composition and formulae.
To experience this keep chanting Aham Bramhasmi not on your tongue but within you, let it be one with rhythm of the heart. One will be transformed. They will be connected to the divine at super conscious level. THEN ONE WILL BE able to see the beautiful vastness and the darkness within not as an empty body but experiencing the divine light.
One’s true potential doesn’t lie in becoming the CEO of a multi billionaire company or best model neither any political mammoth figure but to become who he or she really is!
Throughout life people struggle to stand out, to create an identity in the way the world perceives. But AHAM BRAMHASMI is all about losing the SELF & merging with vastness of the universe and finding it inside as our true identity. It is about merging in the universal ocean as a drop and become the drop which holds the same ocean within itself.
It is to become the one among the crowd and finding the world within one.
We are a part of the creator and the universe and it is within us. Just like an old proverb in Marathi JE PINDI THE BRAMHANDI which means what is inside the very core of the being is the same in the universe and vice versa.
The beauty of this alchemy is we are our own Alchemist.
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu!!!


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  3. Hi Mr. Yadav & Mr. Jakhotiya
    I always wonder why the Indian are loosing out on their inherited values and adopting the western culture. Finally someone has come out of the closet & started this blogpage. Please keep writing more on the Chakras & other techniques. Also Mr. Yadav please write more on designing ideas based on indian heritage architecture & designs and on love, especially from the angle of Radha & Meera.


    • you are very correct & after your request I am not waiting to read on love from the point you have requested pradeep. I heard of the radha but never meeera which made me to google & now I wonder how much love & devotion they had for their love. pradeep I can not wait much to read on this. pls hurry

  4. Hello to every one, the contents existing at this web page are truly remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows. Looking forward to read some article on relationship issues caused by unbalanced chakras.


    • I agree with you rashmi. I too am waiting for new article. Pradeep do not take this long and keep us on wait. Also Ar. Hirak as requested by few please do write on architecture & designs

  5. Yes! Finally someone writes about what the Indians are forgeting and running behind the western culture. Please keep it up with more infomation. Loved the designing ideas and looking forward for more.

    • you are absolutely right frank, i have got few Indian friends who are only fascinated towards western culture, forgetting what their culture really is.

  6. Every essential details which makes a blog beautiful has been mentioned to this blog-page. Good work guys, especially Pradeep, Please write few article on Italian Architecture and designing. Being myself as an Architect I was initially feeling bit awkward to admire the design article but I must admit that I never could think of using French Architecture in my work.

  7. I appreciate the information on Architecture And Designs you are providing, Pradeep. I am totally trilled with your designing Ideas, they truly seems to be inspired by the touch of every places you have talked on, sure you must have explored them nicely (All alone without having any distraction. Lol). I have an offer for you. If you are based at the South Africa, I would like to get my Banglow refurnished by you. Please leave your number in comment.

    Chaio, John

    • Mr Lewis, I totally agree with you. Pradeep really deserve the clients like you. The way he has described on architecture & designs I am sure he has got a long way to go.

  8. Hi Pradeep,
    This is a very well and interesting post on the venetian architecture & design, my compliments. If we take for granted the world architecture and designs’ effect on the today’s time then we would fail to protect the world architecture, no matter how many sites and building we gets them converted into world heritage site. And how do we need to protect that?

    So… What is the answer to this question? How do we make sure that something like loosing our architectural value does not happen in near future? To be sure, it isn’t only the responsibilities of today’s architects and designer but this is the sole responsibilities of the client to give them the freedom to create something valuable which not only increase the value of their property but our architectural values too.

    Pradeep, a kind request, please write on Indian Heritage Architecture and Designing as well. I am very fascinated towards Indian culture and its value. In todays time, India is the only country where people still value their commitments and couple do honour each-others emotions and always ready for the sacrifice for the good of their better half.

    Please, would be eagerly waiting for the new article.

    Thanks from Berlin

    • Love this, thank you Pradeep! You know a lot of this I was doing intuitively, and it makes me feel much more confident to hear that it is normal practice for professional architects as well! Thanks again, great article…however, the question raised by david has a valid points. what to do to preserve our inherited values which we all are loosing with every passing day & thinking of this makes me very emotional.

    • I like the article! The opening line should be highlighted. \”Every architect’s design process is extremely personal and nuanced\”. Man, does that ring true to me and to the professionals that we have worked with.

      Time and time again, we find ourselves going back to established relationships with specific Architects, Engineers and designers. Because with each project, we have come to understand the \”nuanced and the extremely personal\” approach that each professional brings to a project.

      Charlie I would had been better if you could have written few words in appreciation so the designer can be more focused on sharing more brilliant ideas from his idea book. Pradeep pls do not mind and keep writing.

  9. Hello Pradeep, Excellent article on Venetian Architecture & designs. You made it so simple to put your ideas into reality that any layman can decorate their house by reading your article. I am not much fascinated with your other post on architecture and design and it is not because you failed to describe or point out in details but because I am French national and have grown up seeing the same designs. Also I liked your article on Chakras and I want to know more on that and how shall I work on to balance my chakras so I can have my relationship issues out of my life. Please advise. and i would like to meet you and hirak with. Give me an opportunity to be your host in a very beautiful small village of Franch named Chamonix.

    Hirak, somebody commented that you are an architects so please write on architecture as well.

    please ignore my english, do not speak english and my english is not very good.

    Love from Chamonix

    • Adalene, your points are very valid and In our crazy fast paced world, where everything is instant; coupled with our desire for instant gratification, we sometimes need to slow down and look at the details all around us. We should give our Architects and designers plenty of time to develop good solutions to any/all design problem.

      By the way, the article did bring back memories of Architectural School…

  10. Hi Pradeep. Excellent article on Venetian Architecture & Design. I know that it\’s impossible to go through a single day without encountering architecture. The built environment is entwined with every facet of our lives – from our work to our homes to our hobbies and social lives.

    Architecture inspires people to think, so it\’s no wonder that so many famous writers, artists, politicians and designers have such profound and fascinating observations about architecture. Whether you embrace minimalism or adore flamboyance, everyone has experiences and tastes that shape the way they interact with the built world.

    Paola Antonelli stated once that People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It\’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need and beauty to produce something that the world didn\’t know it was missing. And following her words I can easily declare you having great sense of design and architecture.

    PS: looking forward something on Morrocan Architecture and Designs and this time I would apprecite the Ar. Hirak to key in his ideas as well.

    Love, Pamella

    • Dear Pamella,
      Reading your comment was not only made us happy but also it is very much encouraging, I appreciate your time taken for writing such elaborated feedback on the related post.
      I have observed over the years, Architecture is the thing one can’t miss when one comes in contact with or deny its impact on our day today life & it plays a key role in shaping up the society.

      Architecture is as old as the human society & civilization, it existed at the time when we were in the form of groups with the tiny seed tomorrows greater civilizations. It impacts us on each level of human existence.
      We would be writing more on all the aspects of architecture.
      Please keep reading & advising for the good work.

      Thank you very much!
      Ar, Hirak Jakhotiya

  11. Hi Pradeep
    Very nicely written article. I agree that breaking the rules and sweating the details are SO important in design and architecture. You have to take risk to reap high reward, but also be willing to pay close attention to ALL the little, minute details so the grander picture comes together smoothly. Once Again great article, Pradeep! Please ask Ar. Jakhotiya to write on designs rather then only focusing on meditation (I understand how difficult it is to deal with some client & meditation helps to calm down and start working again)

  12. My husband and I have just selected an architect and are very excited about the unique home he will design for us, suited to both the beautiful site and our personalities. Like mwolfe we are not rolling in the dough by any means but we feel that sacrificing to make this happen will be a very worthwhile investment. I do wish more homes could be worthwhile structures rather than the mass-produced boxes made of throwaway materials and non-functional features added to impress the company. Thanks a lot Pradeep for all the designing ideas you have so far mentioned in your design articles. Following your design article We have asked Our architect to follow your design ideas described in your articles and more.

    PS: Ar. Hirak start writing on architecture & designs

  13. Hi Pradeep
    I have been browsing online more than 4 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. They are pretty worth enough for me. I agree with many of FrenchDecor\’s view points .
    An architect or the designer should always be well aware of how a home should work but many times its the knuckle-headed people he/she is working for that won\’t give them a freer rein. Sometimes the lot is ill sized and small and you just have to make do. If one has the money one can hire a designer, own and live the perfect life in the perfect house. But, if one doest has money I guarantee there is a lot of compromising in your future but reading the ideas mentioned in your article one can get the idea of the designing one\’s house slowly in parts.

  14. Pradeep, Great write up on Designs! Very informative and to the point!

    As a designer and installation specialist, I can confirm all of these points. The biggest is the professionals ability to solve problems and simplify complex designs into realistic and stylish spaces that conform to the needs of the client. All to many times I find architects getting way to over there head and promising the customer things they simply do not have the ability to follow through with. We can all agree that problem solving is part of the job and a fun one at that, but so is staying honest and one with our word!

    The next important topic, which is nicely touched upon in your every design articles, is attention to detail. So many talented builders, architects and designers complete 90% of a project but forget, or take for granted, the finishing details and accents that really pull the whole build together. Its such a shame!

    Moral is, when choosing your professional, choose one who will follow through with their word and go above and beyond the scope of work for the sake of the project, thanks and keep it up!

  15. Hi Ar Hirak

    You forgot to mentioned that The Love is the fabric of all creation. Your journey might have started by this one word but if you do not understand the word LOVe then knowing of all this of no use. Everything in the entire Universe was made with this same material! Even if our mind is trying to make us believe otherwise we should connect with your heart and follow its guidance, to see that our mind is caught up in duality, in the illusion that there is something else than love. When we understand that LOVE is the law of the Universe, and it is behind everything that we do and the base of ALL THERE IS we will stop judging the world, others and ourselves, and set out on the adventure of discovering how amazing this life truly is.

    Pradeep, please write on love from the view point of Meerabai and Radharani. Awaiting!

  16. Hi Pradeep
    Your design articles confirms that I have found the best landscape architect for my project. It took my builder and I months to find him. Most of the landscape architects in my area seemed jaded and leaned toward the commercial needs including subdivisions. In fact, after a meet which was suppose to be about an hour but lasted 2 & 1/2 hrs, the landscape architect was excited about my residential project. He told me and my builder, it was that vision of mine, I was looking for design before we found a building architect plus the creativity for the acreage that made the difference.

    Your article also shows me the universal necessities that go beyond a building architect. In my project, I hope to find a building architect for my visions. I have been looking for several months now. Thank you for your insights. PS: Ar Hirak I understand your stress level which makes you focus on alternative medicine but do not forget you are an architect so start writing on design.

  17. Hi Pradeep. Enjoyed reading this article. My husband and I have an architect working on our design plans right now. We did research on our builder, spoke a number of times, visited a home he built and was happy to see he was on site (he didn\’t know we were going to stop by), and we spoke to multiple people who used him in the past. It\’s our 2nd time to build so hopefully we know what we\’re doing. We bought a bank owned lot and just kept our patience. We are building smaller and trying to do it right by not skimping on the key things. So far we\’ve loved our realtor and developing a good relationship with the builder. I\’m praying things don\’t sway too much from the expectations we\’ve set.

    Looking forward for more design article & something from Ar. Jakhotiya.

  18. Invaluable ideas shared by Pradeep. Perfect timing–this was exactly what I needed! This is the framework for organizing ideas that I\’d been lacking. Thank you! We are just beginning the design process and this article helps shape all our messy scribbles on paper and snippets of conversation into a logical, detailed and organised brief. Thank you once again!

    PS: Architect Jakhotiya is being requested to start writing on Architecture & Designs. Pradeep, Please ask him to key in his thoughts & I see several request which are seeking a new article on Love from the view point of Meera & Radha. Pls do post the same at the earliest. I am eager to read that (planned to put a painting of the couple in my bedroom)

  19. Great articles Pradeep! Having a thoughtfully designed space, tailored to your needs and designed as a cohesive whole is truly a remarkable experience we all can aspire to. Even for simple changes, having a view to the future and working towards a unifying concept can mean the difference between a laymen space and a designers worthy home. Keep it up & keep posting more often.

  20. I appreciate all the design articles of this blog. We as an Architectural practice do what we call a Reverse Design brief for our clients. This helps the client understand what we have heard tell us in our initial discussions. It sets out a clear picture of the projects\’ direction and the clients needs as we have understood them and because it is in writing it is not misinterpreted. Great work Pradeep. We are stilling awaiting design article from Architect Jakhotiya & your write on love from requested view point.

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